Saturday, June 15, 2013

Real Salt Lake Soccer (and Reply)

Mr. Schetzel:

My name is Angela Baarz. First off, I couldn't find an e-mail address for customer service on the Real Salt Lake website under "contact us" so I am e-mailing you since this matter is ticket related and you are the VP of Ticket Sales and Services.

My husband and I attended the Real Salt Lake Soccer match against the San Jose Earthquakes on June 1 of this year. We ordered our tickets on May 17 and requested the tickets to be mailed to us. As the week of the game arrived, we still had not received our tickets. The tickets did not arrive in the mail until June 3, 2013 - two days AFTER the game. Luckily we were able to go online and change our ticketing options to print them at home, so we were able to go to the game as planned. (It was a great game, too. We are glad we went.) When the actual tickets arrived on June 3rd, we noticed the ticket printing date on the tickets: 5/30/13. My question is: When tickets are ordered two weeks in advance, why would you not print the tickets sooner - especially when they have to be mailed. If the tickets were printed May 30th, the best case scenario is that they will get mailed May 30th. That gives the tickets 2 days (at most) to get to the proper destination. Isn't that cutting it kinda close? Don't the game patrons deserve their tickets sooner than the day of the game? And this is assuming the tickets actually arrive in time - which in our situation, they did not. I suggest looking into how ticket purchases are processed, printed and mailed, because it appears there are flaws in your current methods. Thanks.

Angela Baarz



Thank you for writing.  I agree with you completely.   Tickets purchased online are printed and shipped from our call center in Dallas.   We have been having issues with the call center printing and shipping tickets on time and we are looking at taking the operation in house and shipping ourselves from Sandy, Utah.  I appreciate your email and I am glad you were able to change the method of delivery in time to get your tickets and enjoy the game.  I have copied the call center so they can see the issue and take steps to improve it in the short term.

Michael Schetzel


Random Fact: It took literally 7 minutes from the time this letter was sent via e-mail until I received a reply.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Spike TV

***Side Note*** I totally meant to post this letter waaayyy sooner, since The Joe Schmo Show is now over and has been for some time. Many apologies. Now onto the letter:

In regards to The Joe Schmo Show:

Thank you for making and airing The Joe Schmo Show. I think the premise is great and the show is hilarious. I do have one question though. There have been multiple times (so far - in just the first four episodes) when there have been problems with your "deaf girl" doing things that a deaf person wouldn't do - like covering her ears at the sound of a champagne bottle popping. Why didn't you just hire an actual deaf person? There are deaf actors out there - one even won Celebrity Apprentice a couple years ago (though she'd be likely recognized if picked for this show.) But I can't imagine you not being able to find an actual deaf person to play this role. Just curious. Thanks! Make another season!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lays and Response

Hi. My husband tried your BLT flavored chips the other day and absolutely loved it. He mentioned how delicious the seasoning is and I was wondering if there is a way to get some of that BLT seasoning used on your chips. It would be a fun surprise if I was able to give my husband some of his favorite seasoning to use on other foods. I know it's probably a weird request, but I figured I would ask. Please let me know if there is anyway to secure some BLT seasoning for personal use. Thanks!


Hi Angela,

Thank you so much for offering to share your idea with us.

We are flattered of your interest in wanting to assist Frito-Lay, however, are not able to accept unsolicited ideas or suggestions from outside our company. The purpose is to preserve good relations with the public and to avoid any misunderstandings as to the origin of an idea. We have in-house teams and agencies responsible for providing innovation for our businesses.

We hope you understand our position and that you will continue to enjoy snacks from Frito-Lay. Thanks again for thinking of us.

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Relations


My comments: Ummm...I think they missed the point of my letter. I was not suggesting a product idea; I was asking for the seasoning they already make - just chip-free. I guess they thought I was asking them to market seasoning. Really, I just wanted them to bottle up some of the seasoning from their giant seasoning bin and send it to me. I guess it really was a weird request (as I even stated in my letter) - so weird in fact that they couldn't comprehend what I was asking for.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dear Door-to-door Salesmen

I have been HORRIBLE at keeping up with posting letters lately. My goal is to do TONS better. I've written plenty of letters; I just haven't posted them yet. But May (crazy, busy May) has come to an end and a new month is upon us. And with that comes my renewed determination to be a better blogger. And to start off my renewed sense of desire to have a awesome blog, I have a letter to share. It is not a letter that I have actually sent to anyone. It's one of those hypothetical letters meant to be fun and silly. So, after much waiting for a new post, here is a letter to Door-to-door Salesmen.

Dear Door-to-door Salesmen,
*I am happy with my internet/phone/satellite provider and have no desire to change it.
*I do not have any problems with pests.
*Our windows are new and energy efficient.
*We don't want your overpriced siding for our home.
*We are satisfied with our insurance company.
*We do not want your security system.
*If you are selling something that requires financing or a monthly bill, you are wasting your time coming to our house.
*Proselyters, we don't want to entertain guests - you can leave a flyer if you desire.
*We LOVE pizza delivery and school fundraisers.
*Oh and I'm pretty sure that my husband/brother is in the exact same line of work as you and he can get me a much better deal than you can anyway.
*If anything changes, I'LL contact YOU.