Sunday, December 30, 2012

Smith's Food and Drug

Dear Smith's Food and Drug,

While I was at Smith's I was excited to find cookies in the discount bakery section. They were only 49 cents. It was internally jumping for joy at the thought of cookies for such a cheap amount and placed the package in my cart. As I was examining the receipt at home, I noticed that the cookies rang up as $1.99. Tears came to my eyes thinking about my great deal on cookies gone awry. I would have noticed the error as the item was scanned at the store, but the cashier was so quick that I was still putting items on the belt when the cookies were scanned and didn't notice the error. Upon examination of the cookies, the price tag on the bottom of the cookie package said $1.99 and rang up as donuts (as printed on the receipt). The top sticker was the one stating the proper price and item name. This is not the first time I have experienced the wrong price being rung up at the register at Smith's. I would encourage you to look into finding more ways to prevent inaccurate pricing from being scanned at the register.

Thanks for your time,



I saw a giant banner hung across the road in Provo that stated "Bike Friendly Community."

I have to completely disagree with this sentiment. Provo, Utah is not a bike friendly city. There are very, very few bike lanes. The stores and shops are far too spread out to be bikeable and few stores have places to chain up bikes.Most bicyclists that I've seen do not know the proper way to be a vehicle on the road. Far too many cars do not know how to share the road with bikes. Simply saying that Provo is bike friendly or wishing it, does not make it true. Provo is not bike friendly. I am not against bikes as transportation, but many things need to change before a banner should be declaring Provo as bike friendly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Headlines on Jay Leno

 Not too long ago I sent in a headline to Jay Leno. I LOVE that segment of Jay Leno; it's my favorite. I've always wanted to find something worthy of mailing to Jay Leno. Well, as luck would have it, not only did I find something I felt should be sent to Jay Leno, but the people in charge of picking the Headlines for the segment felt that my ad was worthy of being aired. It's very exciting to me! Here is a picture of the ad I sent in and also a link to where you can watch the segment of the show. My ad is about 52 seconds into the video clip.

See the clip of the show here:

Keebler E.L.Fudge Cookies

I opened my package of E.L.Fudge and discovered some Fudge missing. Some of the cookies had no fudge between them and we just E.L. with no Fudge. It wasn't the whole package, just a few of the cookies, but it still saddened my chocolate-loving heart.