Saturday, October 13, 2012


The family went to Cornbelly's Corn maze in Lehi today. It was a lot of fun. To save a couple dollars, we ordered our tickets online. When ordering the tickets, there is a place to put where you heard about Cornbelly's. Ryan wrote this response:

I had a vision of two paths one lead to tree with a plaque that said Cornbelly’s. The other path lead to a tree that had a plaque reading "Eternal doom". I took the path to the Cornbelly's tree. I partook of the fruit and it was exceedingly good like unto sweet nectar. I watched others go down the path to eternal doom. I heard their agonizing screams of torment, and my soul was harrowed up for their pain. But the pain was fleeting as an overwhelming sense of love and peace filled every fibre of my being as I partook of the Cornbelly fruit. I awoke renewed, full of vigor, with a song in my heart. A song that started soft and low like a whispering child, and then rose with crescendo, overtook my whole being. That song pierces my soul to this day, “C-O-R-N, B-E-L-L-Y-S. I know deep in my personage that I must bring me and my whole family to the light that is Cornbelly’s.

Monday, October 1, 2012


To Whom It May Concern:
I am a big fan of your Suave hair care products. It is the shampoo and conditioner brand that I use exclusively. I would like to suggest that you increase the size of your bottles of shampoo and conditioner - especially the "family size" bottles. The "regular" size is 15 oz and the "family size" is 22.5 oz. An extra 5.5oz doesn't seem like enough more product to consider it "family size." Furthermore, shampoo and conditioner are products that are going to get used frequently to the point that a family (even a small family or even a single person) would benefit from having larger shampoo and conditioner bottles. Please consider selling larger bottles of your hair care products like a lot of other brands do. It would just be simpler I think for everyone and then "family size" might actually have a real meaning on the label instead of being an artificial buzzword that doesn't really help the consumer.
Angela Baarz