Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi. I am a HUGE fan of Survivor. I just wanted to give a couple of suggestions of things you could do for a season of Survivor in the future.

1) Have the tribes merge REALLY early in the season. Like REALLY early. I think that would create some good drama and throw a lot of player's "game" off.

2) Maybe you could bring back an entire season of people who were voted off really early. A lot of times there are people that you think could do really well and go really far, but for some reason they are one of the first few voted off. Have a whole cast of those people and give all of those survivors a second chance.

3. Maybe you could give each castaway an idol. Maybe not even tell everyone that everyone has one. But either way, if everyone had an idol, it would be interesting to see how the blindsides go down and how strategy changes because people could always whip out an idol or give an idol to a friend.

Anyway, those are my ideas for things you can do in future seasons. I am really looking forward to the new season starting next month. Thanks for continuing to make such a fun and exciting show.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Provo City

Dear Provo City,
I would like to bring to your attention an issue I have noticed at the intersection of 300 South and 700 East/State Street in Provo. The traffic lights at this particular intersection seem to not detect cars properly. There are two lanes (at least) that I have discovered through experience where cars are not detected – the right of the two westbound lanes on 300 South and the middle of the three lanes heading eastbound on 300 South. If there are no other cars at the intersection, cars waiting in these particular lanes will wait at a red light until a car in a different lane (but same direction) is detected. It is not a problem during high traffic times because all the lanes have cars so everyone gets an equal chance to get a green light. But during low traffic times, cars have to either wait for another car to come along in the proper lane or run a red light. It would be helpful to me and other drivers that consistently use this intersection if you would look into the issue and try to find a way for the sensors to detect cars in all lanes.
Thank you,
Angela Baarz

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pampers (and Reply)

 Letter to Pampers:

I've been using a package of Pampers sensitive wipes for the past couple of days and there is one thing that I quickly noticed. When I pull a wipe out of the package, almost always a second or a third wipe tags along; I am unable to pull just one wipe out. I don't know if this is normal with these wipes (I haven't had any problems with other Pampers wipes - just the sensitive ones) or if this is an oddity that just happened to find its way to my changing table, but it is highly inconvenient. When I have a baby on a changing table with her diaper off and poo exposed, the last thing I need is wipes sticking together when I already only have one hand free because the other hand is keeping baby hands away from the mess. Just wanted to bring this to your attention so you can continue to improve your products and provide quality to your customers.


Reply from Pampers:

Thanks for contacting Pampers, Angela.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting your Pamper Sensitive wipes to dispense correctly. It may help to know all of our wipes are in One-Ups dispensers. To ensure the wipes dispense properly, it’s important for them to be placed in the tub correctly and not upside down. Please check to see if the wipes are folded into one another with the bottom flap of the wipe tucked into the next wipe. If they are, the next wipe will be pulled into the opening when the top wipe is removed. If not, you may need to flip the stack of wipes over. In case you forget, we include instructions in each refill pack.

We appreciate your bringing this to our attention and I’m sharing your comments with the rest of our team. Since your satisfaction means a great deal to us, I’m also sending a coupon good towards future purchases of Pampers Wipes. You should receive them via postal mail within the next 2-3 weeks.

Hope this information helps!
Pampers Team


Side note: Can you say condescending response?? I know how to work a package of wipes. They basically blamed me for the wipes not working correctly. I just use the refill packages as they come - I don't open the pack and place the wipes into a tub. So if the wipes are upside down it is a manufacturing thing. I was quite insulted by this response; they think the problem is my fault. And on top of that they over-explained how to "fix" the problem as if I'm the baby getting my diaper changed instead of the mom changing the diaper. Couldn't they just apologize and say they will look it? For rude!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Dear Jeopardy,

On Oct. 2, 2012, one of the Jeopardy categories was "Be A Lizard Wizard." The clue was: Having special glands in their lower jaws, the Gila monster & the Mexican beaded lizard are both this, so beware. The contestant said: What is poisonous? and it was counted as correct.

I would like to point out that "poisonous" is an incorrect answer. The correct answer should have been "venomous." Venom and poison are very different. Poison is ingested and venom is injected. You can eat rattlesnakes because they are venomous but not poisonous. If a Gila monster bites the venom entering your bloodstream is the potential problem. But they are not poisonous because the danger is only if the venom is in your bloodstream, not in your stomach and digestive system.

I am quite surprised that a show so intellectual and prestigious as Jeopardy would not know the difference between venomous and poisonous. But....thanks to me (I am pretending to pat myself on the back as I write this) you now know the difference between the two terms and can avoid this mistake in the future.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Red Robin

***I did an online survey after my most recent visit to Red Robin. Under comments, I wrote this:

Bryan was one of the best waiters I have ever had. He was polite and friendly, very efficient, amazingly attentive and quick - but not so quick that we felt rushed. He made great suggestions for helping my baby daughter and brought fries out for us immediately for my daughter to snack on while waiting for the meals to come. He explained things very well - but without talking down to us. He really was the best server I've ever had. I truly wish he could be my server anytime I went out to eat.

Most amazing visit ever. I've never had a bad experience at Red Robin, but this visit was even better than the normal great service. Our server, Bryan Christensen was amazing. I felt like I was his favorite costumer ever and I'm sure he makes all of his tables feel that way too. Bryan deserves a raise!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Village Inn

I was absolutely and completely disappointed with all aspects of my lunch. I think the best way to describe this would be in a list:

1) Took a LONG time to get a highchair for my daughter.
2) No napkins and we never got any napkins. 
3) We didn't know who our waitress was. A couple of girls came up to us right at first, but neither one really took charge or ordered our drinks and they barely even greeted us.
4) To a LONG time to just get our drink order. Then a long time again to get our food order. Then a long time to get our food. 
5) Was offered drink refills only once; we would have liked two or three more refills than we were offered.
6) When I ordered my food, I told the waitress that I wanted a slice of pie with my combo lunch special, but that I wanted it at the end of the meal. She never brought me pie; never asked if we wanted pie; never ever talked to us again after giving us our food. 
7) My lunch was SUPER TINY. I ordered the pick two lunch special with half a sandwich and soup. The soup size was TINY TINY TINY. I knew I was ordering half a sandwich, but my sister ordered the BLT with fries, she paid less for it, and got WAY WAY WAAAAY more food than I did. What's with that?? I left the restaurant hungry.
8) The waitress gave us the check REALLY early and then never talked to us again. Which made it difficult to get my pie that I wanted. 
9) The pie came at a discounted price when ordered with my lunch combo, but three staff members had no idea what I was talking about.
10) Had to order my pie to-go because we couldn't get our waitress over to RE-ORDER it. 
11) When I did order the pie to-go, it took a long time for them to ring up my check and get the pie.
12) I have never had worse service in my life. I am not exaggerating even the slightest when I say that the service was the worst I've ever experienced. I would appreciate an apology. Thank you.


I did receive a reply with the request for more information and such. After over a month of very sporadic communication on their part, the issue was eventually resolved and I was given 2 vouchers for free entrees.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keebler Reply


Thank you for the time you took to connect with us about Keebler® E.L. Fudge® Sandwich Double Stuffed Cookie. I’m glad to hear you buy them all the time, thank you! I am so sorry this product did not meet your expectations.

We work very hard to make sure the right amount of filling is in your cookies. Even with careful monitoring and inspections, sometimes a sandwich cracker can make its way into the package with little or no filling.

Product quality is extremely important to Keebler. Learning about your experience helps our management team make informed decisions about future changes.

We want to restore your faith in us, so we are sending you a coupon. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. I hope you will replace the cookies, or try one of our other wholesome and delicious items that feed you well from breakfast through lights out.

Please know that we genuinely appreciate your honest feedback. You are a valued part of our family and we are happy to hear from you at any time. If you have additional concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-453-5837.


Ruben R.
Consumer Specialist
Consumer Affairs

**Original Letter can be found here.**

Suave Reply

Hello Angela,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Suave Products.
You may be pleased to know that other consumers have made the same suggestion. Consumer comments are very important to us and are taken into consideration when planning changes to existing products, as well as introducing new products. We appreciate your feedback and will share your comments with our staff.

Your friends at Suave

**Original Letter can be found here.**