Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Dear Left Twix,
I have been contemplating for a while now which twix - left or right - to whom I should pledge my loyalty. I was on the fence until I opened a package with a lopsided left twix. Obviously, left twix is the inferior of the two and employs sloppy techniques resulting in subpar candy. I shall forever be a right twix lover. Thank you for helping me make my decision through your poor quality control.

Dear Right Twix,
I have been wondering for a while now which twix - right or left - to whom I should give my devotion. I was undecided until I opened a package with a askew left twix. Obviously, left twix is the lesser of the two and employs careless methods resulting in shoddy candy. I shall always be a right twix idolizer. Thank you for helping me make my judgement through your superior methods.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Driving southbound along interstate 15 in Utah, I noticed a new billboard for The Old Spaghetti Factory. It was advertising the location at University Mall in Orem. The billboard said Exit 269, Next Exit, At University Mall. Sounds normal right? The only problem is that the billboard is located AFTER passing Exit 269. "Next Exit" would be Exit 265. The billboard is in the wrong location. It should be BEFORE the 269 exit, not after. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because the billboard isn't going to help people find your restaurant.

And the reply:

Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for your email!  It has reached the corporate office for the Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurants.  I have forwarded your feedback to our Vice President of Operations!
We will look into this and are very appreciative of your information!

We hope to have the privilege of serving you in the future!

Best regards,

The Old Spaghetti Factory

And another reply from a "higher up" in the company":

Hello Angela,

Thank you for your email about our Billboard in Orem. There was some confusion when we had it installed and you are correct.
We are working on having a new panel produced and installed.  (the new panel will say “Turn Around”)

If you would be so kind as to send me your mailing address I would enjoy sending you a few dinners so you can dine in our Orem restaurant.
I thank you for taking the time to tell us about the billboard and hope to see you soon in our restaurant.


Vice President of Food and Beverage

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Leonardo

To Whom It May Concern,

My family and I recently went to the 101 Inventions That Changed The World Exhibit at The Leonardo and we were extremely unimpressed.

The movie that was shown was very interesting, well put together and the multiple screens made a very exciting and interesting effect. However, there were only about a dozen chairs in the room. There were more than two dozen people wanting to see the film and half of the viewers had to sit on the floor. Pay $15 to sit on the floor? How sad is that? There really should have been A LOT more chairs available. I am currently pregnant and if I had not had a chair, I would have had a miserable experience (on top of the already sad experience that we did encounter). (Quick suggestion for chairs: swivel chairs, since the movie was displayed on all walls.)

As I have already said, the movie really was great. We were told there were two exhibit rooms to go to after the film and I was very excited to see the exhibit after viewing the movie. To the dismay of myself and my family, the exhibit room was the size of my living room. Where was the exhibit? It was a display of about 30 of the inventions with a little information about them. Information, I might add, that you had to find yourself on the electronic kiosks. We are in the technology age and I understand that using technology (like the kiosks) is something that should be integrated into exhibits. But it shouldn't be the entire exhibit (if you can even call what we saw "an exhibit.") I was expecting the exhibit to take up the same amount of space as previous exhibits you have had (like BodyWorlds and the Mummies.) But Alas, no such luck. There should have been a display of ALL 101 inventions with more information about who invented it, how the idea came about and how it changed the world, etc.

And speaking of explaining how the inventions changed the world....Legos? Really? Who put that on the list? How did legos change the world? Also, television AND color television both made the list. What's with that? Doesn't that seem a little redundant to you? Especially when there are plenty of other inventions that would be worthy of the list. If it were me, demin pants and tampons changed the world WAAAY more than legos and having TV on the list twice. And those are just two items the come to mind quickly. Imagine if I had put real time, money and thought into my two choices.

And what was with that lego room? I wanted to see a nice exhibit, not spend $15 a person to rent a bunch of legos for half an hour. Did you guys just have a bunch of legos lying around and figured a lego room would be fun for kids and you therefore needed to put legos on the list just to make the lego room seem relevant? From my position, it look cheap, lame and as un-classy as an "exhibit" can get. "Exhibit" is definitely not a word that should be used to describe the 101 Inventions That Changed the World. My family spent over $100 to go to The Leonardo. In retrospect, we would have been better off going to a megaplex, seeing a real movie, sitting in nice chairs and eating popcorn. I will NOT be recommending this to my friends and will, in fact, be discouraging them from visiting.

Highly disappointed,
Angela Baarz